Bradley J. Marks for City Councillor - Ward 3, Oshawa

About Bradley

Bradley J. Marks is a third generation lawyer at his family firm; Marks & Marks Lawyers, Oshawa.

For nearly 100 years the Marks Family has been faithfully serving the people of Oshawa in private and public life as the city’s Mayor, Councillors and Separate School Board Trustees.  With your help, Bradley seeks to carry on that legacy of service to our community.

Bradley's grandfather; Ernest Marks founded Marks & Marks Lawyers upon his return to Oshawa from World War II in 1946. Bradley feels proud that he and his family have earned the public trust for such longevity and have helped the residents of this city with their most personal matters.   

As your City Councillor in Ward 3 Bradley's plan is to foster an era of fiscal responsibility, job growth, effective leadership that is free from grandstanding and a common sense municipal government - accessible to all residents.

As a husband and father raising three young children in Oshawa with his wife Julie, Bradley is uniquely aware of the challenges managing a household and a career have become in these modern times. Unlike others, Bradley knows that every cent counts, your money counts. High taxation, services for families and debt management will need critical focus as we move forward. Bradley is passionate that we have the right voice to manage the staggering $450 million of unfunded liabilities Oshawa faces in the coming years.

As a community volunteer and former Vice President of Durham Outlook for the Needy; operating St. Vincent’s Kitchen, Bradley has strongly advocated the importance of providing services for our most vulnerable and our seniors.  

Bradley has worked hard in his private life to bring you the experience Oshawa needs in these critical years in order to be “The Right Voice for Ward 3”.

On October 22nd Elect Bradley J. Marks for Ward 3 City Councillor.


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Bradley's Campaign Address

Bradley's Ward 3 Plan

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal prudence is critical as Oshawa faces a staggering $450 million in unfunded liabilities in the coming years. As a small business owner and lawyer, Bradley has the right qualifications to manage your tax dollars at City Hall. Bradley is eager to embark on effective debt management for Oshawa while continuing to deliver the services you count on.

Roger Ramkissoon, president of Durham Outlook for the Needy, meets Bradley at the current "Kitchen".

In The Community

As a volunteer and former VP of Durham Outlook For The Needy, operating St. Vincent's Kitchen, Bradley has seen, first-hand, the serious need that exists in our community. As your elected representative, Bradley will continue to campaign for those among us who are struggling, ensuring that they too have a voice. A commitment to the needs of our community has been the focus of the Marks family for generations and Bradley J. Marks is dedicated to continuing to serve you as your Ward 3 City Councillor.

Traffic Solutions for Oshawa

Traffic in Ward 3, as in much of Oshawa has seen considerable volume increase since the last ward system was in place. Bradley plans to strengthen the Active Transportation Advisory Committee (O.A.T.A.C)  that will tackle traffic congestion while gathering your feedback on traffic concerns and researching solutions for this increasing problem in our city. Bradley believes that our school zones should be safe areas where children can get to and from school unharmed. Bradley plans to campaign to increase traffic calming zones to ensure the safety of our children and families. 


As a lawyer, Bradley is extremely accessible and this quality is greatly appreciated by his clients. As your City Councillor, Bradley will continue to be accessible and available to hear all your suggestions and concerns. Bradley firmly believes that when we are all engaged, more can be done to move Oshawa forward.

Jas Combow with Bradley. Jas is an independent pharmacy owner in Ward 3. #shoplocal

Job Growth

As a small business owner, Bradley understands the importance of supporting local businesses and stimulating local job growth. Bradley is a firm believer in shopping local as it boosts our economy and contributes to our tax base which improves the services we all benefit from.  Bradley is committed to attracting business investment to Oshawa in the coming years to ensure Ward 3 continues to be a vibrant working community.

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Marks Family History

The Marks Theatre

The Marks Theatre, Oshawa, founded by Ernest Marks Sr. in the 1920s.

The Marks Theatre was founded by Ernest Marks Sr., in the 1920s. It was a significant Oshawa landmark for over 50 years that was located at the corner of King Street and Celina Street.

Ernest Marks Sr. (1890-1952)

Ernest Marks Sr.

Ernest Marks Sr. (1890-1952) , founded the Marks Theatre in the 1920s. He went on to serve as Mayor of Oshawa in 1931.

Ernest Marks Jr. Q.C. (1912-1995)

Ernest Marks Jr. Q.C. (1912-1995) founded Marks & Marks Lawyers in 1942 after he returned from serving in WWII.

Ernest Marks Jr. (1912-1995)

Ernest Marks Jr. (1912-1995) served Oshawa as Mayor in 1967. 

Edward R. (Ted) Marks

Edward R. (Ted) Marks joined Marks & Marks in 1977. He was elected as Chair of the Separate School Board in 1983 and 1987. He held office as City Councillor from 1988-1994.

Marks & Marks

Marks and Marks Lawyers was founded by Ernest Marks Jr. Q.C. in 1946.  Bradley J. Marks joined the firm in 2015.

Mayor Ernie Marks November 14, 1931

Mayor Ernie Marks bet Mike Buckley that over $10,000 of the $30,000 objective will be reached the first day in the Welfare Fund Campaign; Mike bets it won’t.  The loser, in straw hat, will wheel the winner in a silk hat, in a wheelbarrow from the Fire Hall to King and Simcoe streets, then west to Prince Street and back to the New Martin Theatre. The parade will be headed by the Bugle Band of the Sea Cadets. Mike thinks the bet unfair and threatens if he wins, to put up a 200-pound boulder in the wheelbarrow to make up for the difference in weight. The mayor says if Mike isn't strong enough to wheel him, he'd better eat some onions. Each has plenty of supporters. The wheelbarrow to be used is the property of the Hotel Genosha.

Marks Bros.

The Canadian Kings of Repertoire.

In all, seven brothers took to the boards and the footlights; Robert, Tom, Alex, Jack, Joe, McIntyre and Ernie. There were also two sisters, who were never on the stage, Nell and Libby, Kitty (married to Ernie) and May A. Bell (married to Robert) both performed with the brothers.

The Marks Brothers of Christie Lake

During the heyday of Canadian vaudeville May A. Bell Marks, the wife of Robert Marks, was queen of the stage. The four companies of the Marks Brothers entertained thousands of people across the country for nearly 50 years.

Four Generations of Service to Oshawa

A commitment to the needs of the people of Oshawa has been the focus of the Marks family for generations and Bradley looks forward to continuing to serve you as your City Councillor for many years to come!

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